Motivated by my mom and her thoughtful gift giving, I have always wanted to be a ‘Good Gift Giver.’  I enjoy finding unique, useful gifts that are very fitting for the recipient. Nothing is better than the smile of surprise or pure joy in finding the perfect gift.  I spend a lot of time thinking about what to get someone and I also do ‘Deep Dive’ digs in research finding something special.

Where do I find my inspiration?

Shopping online and offline, of course.  I prefer small boutiques and whenever I travel, I try and get some alone time to shop where I can find both local products and entrepreneurs that I would have never found otherwise.  I enjoy talking to people and being aware of what other people are drawn to and why.  I always want to know what little kids are into and what teenagers are buying now. I love people watching anywhere and everywhere.

I do a lot of research — a lot more research than actual purchasing, btw.   I’m always looking for beautiful, rare finds that add special value to life.  I have pulled together some of my all-time favorite, gift ideas — from one girlfriend to another.  Some of these are not new at all, but they are classics and always seem to delight.

I’m also a huge fan of Simplifying Your Life, so let’s not buy something just to buy something —  and let’s not waste time. When you do make a purchase, make sure you buy something that adds value or beauty or that holds a special place in your heart. . .. so it probably makes for a great story, too.

I’m always learning and growing myself, so If you have a suggestion or want to share with me, please connect with me directly at:

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