+ FURminator Dog Brush for Shedding Dogs

The FURminator dog brush for dogs that shed

Sometimes the best gifts are completely practical and those are the ones that get used all the time.  Here is one of those gifts for anyone with a shedding dog. . . .  This Furminator Brush is the best at truly removing hair from your dog. Continue reading “The FURminator dog brush for dogs that shed”

+ Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here is our quick gift guide for Mother’s Day — these are a curated selection of some favorite classic gifts and some new ones that we discovered during this “pause” at home that we love for self-care.

Less than one week away — order quickly to ensure delivery by Sunday May 10 — next week! Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

+ Puzzles & Coloring Books Reduce Stress

Coloring Books & Puzzles For Adults

Getting Cabin Fever? How about spending some time coloring? Yes — when was the last time you colored? Or challenged yourself with a puzzle. Continue reading “Coloring Books & Puzzles For Adults”

+ Astis Mittens

Astis Mittens – Stylish, Warm & A Great Story

It was snowing earlier today and as I raced around to find some mittens I thought of these amazing mittens. Astis Mittens are super warm and hand made based on a pair that came originally from a Native American Indian. These mittens will last for years and we just love their story! Continue reading “Astis Mittens – Stylish, Warm & A Great Story”

+ Valentine's Gifts for Gals

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Gals

Don’t know how many guys will see this — so feel free to share and forward this along for some hints. And take note, guys: all the women I spoke to don’t want chocolates. Take a peak here for some thoughtful, sweet ideas. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gifts For Gals”

+ Valentine's Gifts For Guys

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys

Here are several unique ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys.  From practical to fun to stylish. . . Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Gifts For Guys”

+ Autocastle Heated Hats, Gloves and Vests

Heated Hats, Gloves and Vests

Such a smart idea — putting heat  (rechargeable batteries) in winter hats, gloves and vests.  Yes. Please. The uses are countless. . . . Continue reading “Heated Hats, Gloves and Vests”

+ The North Face Shellista IV Tall Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot

Winter Boots We Love

In the fall and winter, we live in boots and we prefer to own one solid pair of boots that can take the snow, rain and mud. Here are our favorites — hurry! Some are on sale right now. Continue reading “Winter Boots We Love”

+ Burr Fur Helmet Covers

Burr Fur — Coolest Ski Helmet Covers

Burr Fur makes faux fur Helmet Covers for skiers/snow boarders (snowmobilers too!). Look hip and stylish on the slopes on your next ski trip. Continue reading “Burr Fur — Coolest Ski Helmet Covers”


Oakley Prizm Goggles

These Oakley Prizm Goggles make a world of difference skiing.  You can see so much better in different degrees of sunlight (or no sunlight). Continue reading “Oakley Prizm Goggles”

+ Skida Winter Hats and Accessories

Skida Hats, Headbands & More

Tired of boring winter hats? Look a bit more stylish and stay warm in the winter with Skida. The only challenge you will have is picking the design you love the most. Continue reading “Skida Hats, Headbands & More”

+ YNM Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket — Top Surprise Holiday Gift

My son gave me a weighted blanket for the holidays. Turns out it was the best thing I never knew I really needed. . . . Continue reading “Weighted Blanket — Top Surprise Holiday Gift”

+ CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

Cinemood Portable Projector — Project Movies Anytime, Anywhere

Project movies/videos anytime, anywhere with this handheld device. How cool is that?

Continue reading “Cinemood Portable Projector — Project Movies Anytime, Anywhere”

+ The North Face Men's Thermoball

The North Face Men’s Thermoball Eco Jacket & Hoodie

Trust us, this is what your teenager/college age/young adult male wants. This North Face Thermoball jacket is lightweight, packable — and so warm. Check out all the colors/styles and the lowest price we have found. Continue reading “The North Face Men’s Thermoball Eco Jacket & Hoodie”

+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers – 15+ ideas starting at $5

More than 15 items starting at $5. See our selection for clever ideas that will surely fit your family members personality and interests Continue reading “Stocking Stuffers – 15+ ideas starting at $5”

+ Keramos Nazari Christmas Pavoes Dishes

Beautiful Holiday Dishes by Keramos Nazari Christmas Pavoes

These handcrafted Christmas Earthenware pieces combine outdoor whimsy with the sophistication of Stein Eriksen’s lodge.  The artwork is hand painted on these pieces and our selections make a wonderful, generous gifts this holiday. Continue reading “Beautiful Holiday Dishes by Keramos Nazari Christmas Pavoes”

+ Range Rover Ride-on Toy Car

Splurge Gift for Kids — The WOW (!) factor ride-on toy cars

Featuring 3 different ride-on toy cars.  A Jeep Wrangler, a Maserati Sports Car AND a Range Rover. Yup – just when you think you have seen everything. . . Splurge Gifts For Sure!

Continue reading “Splurge Gift for Kids — The WOW (!) factor ride-on toy cars”

+ Savannah Bee Honeycomb

Honeycomb Appetizer — Devoured Every Time

Sweet honeycomb is simply delicious. Our friends who have had it at our home always ask us to serve it again. This is the appetizer that always gets positive comments and always gets eaten. Continue reading “Honeycomb Appetizer — Devoured Every Time”

+ Eric Javits Sun Hats

Hands-down Best Sun Hats – Eric Javits

We have owned a lot of sun hats over the years. The longest lasting — and worth the investment — has to be Eric Javits. Check out the fashionable styles and colors. Continue reading “Hands-down Best Sun Hats – Eric Javits”

+ Mr. Bird Bird Seed Wreaths and Houses

Unique Shaped Bird Seed Feeders

These bird seed designed bird feeders make nice gifts for grandparents, new home owners, and anyone who enjoys nature and attracting birds.  We love the fun shapes that ultimately get eaten by the birds. Continue reading “Unique Shaped Bird Seed Feeders”

+ Cougar Winter Boots

Cougar Winter Boots

We need to share these with you since Cougar Boots are a combination of a comfy sneaker yet with a lug sole, so they are great in the snow (most are waterproof, too). Plus, the fur makes them super soft and fashionable. Continue reading “Cougar Winter Boots”

+ Pre-lit birch tree

Pre-lit Birch Trees — Order Now in Time for Holiday Parties

We love these beautiful pre-lit birch trees to have up all winter long. Order now with Amazon Prime Shipping and have in a couple days.  Plenty of time for holiday parties to add to your festive decor.

Continue reading “Pre-lit Birch Trees — Order Now in Time for Holiday Parties”

+ 25% off today

25% off Today — Refined Gifts For Home That Rarely Go On Sale

These are super nice housewarming/holiday gifts for the refined, discerning adults in your life.  Trust us, these are worthy of their price tag — and now on sale (which rarely happens). Continue reading “25% off Today — Refined Gifts For Home That Rarely Go On Sale”

+ Pac-Man Games

Pac-Man Desktop and Handheld Games!

Who doesn’t love Pac-Man — even the young kids today love to play ‘our childhood favorite’ video game. You can have your very own home and handheld versions. Continue reading “Pac-Man Desktop and Handheld Games!”

+ WhiSki Poles -- ski poles with a built in flask inside.

What? WhiSki Poles? Yup. Ski poles that are also flasks for whiskey.

Because we want to stay warm while skiing (and have fun!), WhiSki Poles created the ski pole that also serves as a flask for whiskey. We can think of a LOT of skiers who would have fun with these poles.

Continue reading “What? WhiSki Poles? Yup. Ski poles that are also flasks for whiskey.”

+ Faux Fur Blanket

Softest Blankets — Oh My, Gotta Give (and Have)!

Check out our selection of soft blankets that make wonderful, cozy, useful gifts to snuggle up with this winter.  Whether you prefer faux fur or soft cotton in animal print, we have it covered. Continue reading “Softest Blankets — Oh My, Gotta Give (and Have)!”

+ K-deer leggings

K-deer — Favorite Leggings

Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  These leggings are the best gift for gals (of any age, shape or size).  From yoga to spin class — to simply out around town, — these leggings grip so well, stay put, make your butt look great — and are just plain fun to wear! Continue reading “K-deer — Favorite Leggings”


Know anyone who loves wine? Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener is super fun and easy to use. Perfect gift for anyone you know who loves wine. . . Continue reading “Know anyone who loves wine? Electric Wine Bottle Opener”

+ SAM NYC Blake Down Jacket

Coolest Coats & Vests

Perfect winter gifts for the gals in your life. Look stylish in the winter with these gorgeous down coats and vests.  Trust us. . . she wants one of these! Continue reading “Coolest Coats & Vests”

+ Cole and Mason salt & pepper grinders.

For the Foodie/Health Conscious – Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This salt and pepper grinder set is solid and worth the investment. Your foodie and health conscious friends will quickly taste the difference in their foods — plus, enjoy how easy these are to use. Continue reading “For the Foodie/Health Conscious – Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Grinder Set”

+ Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printe

Wireless Polaroid Mini Photo Printer

This is a very cool wireless printer that uses WIFI to connect and then prints small (2″ x 3″) photos from your phone. THIS is our pick for favorite tech gift to give this year. Continue reading “Wireless Polaroid Mini Photo Printer”

+ Christmas Gnome

Holiday Gnomes — Fun Decor & Wine Toppers

Check out these winter holiday gnomes — some for decor and some to top wine bottles — for sweet, fun gifts. Continue reading “Holiday Gnomes — Fun Decor & Wine Toppers”

+ Ticket Memory Box Frame

Finally. A place to put all your concert & professional sport game tickets!

Ticket Holder Shadow Box. We LOVE this wonderful display shadow box to hold all of your ticket stubs! Continue reading “Finally. A place to put all your concert & professional sport game tickets!”

+ Carl the snowman turns into hot chocolate

Snowman Turns Into Hot Chocolate

This super sweet snowman has chocolate in his belly and marshmallows in his head to make hot chocolate on your stovetop (just add milk)! Continue reading “Snowman Turns Into Hot Chocolate”


Top Go-To Hostess Gift

Stock Up Now on these wonderful hand wash & lotion sets so you have them on hand for hostess gifts for upcoming holiday parties and get togethers. Continue reading “Top Go-To Hostess Gift”


Favorite Housewarming Gift — Beautiful Lacquer Trays

Need a housewarming gift for an upcoming stay at friend’s or relative’s home? Here are some gorgeous lacquer trays that make a beautiful statement in any home. Continue reading “Favorite Housewarming Gift — Beautiful Lacquer Trays”


Stylish Herschel Backpacks & Bags

Herschel was created back in 2009 to provide the “perfect backpack” — We think they offer modern, functional back packs and bags that can be seen on college/high school campuses and now in the work place, as well. Continue reading “Stylish Herschel Backpacks & Bags”


Epic Party Games – Stock Up For Holiday Get Togethers!!

Need some new games?  We tested several and these are the Top 2 Games we recommend for this holiday season with family and friends. Continue reading “Epic Party Games – Stock Up For Holiday Get Togethers!!”


Hilarious Socks & Oven Mitts

These socks and oven mitts are just so funny and perfect for countless friends with a sense of humor — of course. (Definitely for those not easily offended. Beware –some profanity, which makes me like them more!)   Continue reading “Hilarious Socks & Oven Mitts”

+ Rabbit Vase

Sweet Ceramic Ring Holders & a Vase

There is something just so sweet and thoughtful about these ceramic ring holders and home accessories by Creative Co-op. What a sweet gift for someone who just got engaged, a girl friend, hostess gift. Functional and adorable. The rabbit vase is another unique offering by Creative Co-op — it looks sweet with flowers and also looks sophisticated without flowers.

Click on image below for the Bunny Ring Holder  3″ L x 4″ H (affiliate links)

Click on image below for the Dog Ring Dish  5.5″ L x 1.75″ W

Click on image below for the Cactus Jewelry Holder  5″ Diameter x 6.5″ H


Click on image below for the Bunny Rabbit Flower Vase 4. 75″L x 4. 25″W x 9″H

+ Giant Jenga Game

Giant Jenga — so fun!

I love a twist on an original — this is a Giant Jenga game. Was the hit of the party a few times this past summer. Continue reading “Giant Jenga — so fun!”

+ Cell Phone Jail

Cell Phone Jail — Has It Come To This?

In some households and classrooms, it has come to this. Kids need to physically put their phones away to focus on tasks and look up and around at the world they live in.

Continue reading “Cell Phone Jail — Has It Come To This?”

+ Bathroom Organization Tools

Best Bathroom Organization Tools

Being organized and tidying up always makes me (at least) feel better and more at peace with the world. These are our favorite bathroom organizers/tools that look so nice and function to organize your bathroom things. Continue reading “Best Bathroom Organization Tools”

+ slaplit, niteize, kooziewithlight, uniquegift,

Let there be light on your beer can?

This is a Koozie with a light — how cool is that? Keep you drink cool and keep an eye on your drink at night. Everyone will know where you are — clever, fun and useful. Great gift for someone you know who drinks soda or beer from the can or bottle. Continue reading “Let there be light on your beer can?”

+ Swig tumbler with lid and reusable straw.

Take a Swig — cups, tumblers and hilarious tea towels

Swig — New to the scene just a couple years ago bringing us the coolest travel stemless wine cup with a lid (and re-useable straw)! You, your college-age students, your sports sideline parent friends and your teens will love these. Continue reading “Take a Swig — cups, tumblers and hilarious tea towels”

+ Taking off bottle cap with wall mounted Dropcatch.

DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)


When we first saw and used a DropCatch, we knew it would be a hit for all the beer drinking men (and women) in our lives.  Not only is it easy to use and functional as a bottle opener, we love how the magnet holds all the bottle caps.  (no more bottle caps flying across the floor — no more mess).   Continue reading “DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)”


Gorjana Jewelry — Beautiful Layers

Modern, timeless, unique jewelry by Gorjana. The trend now is more delicate necklaces that you layer and these are the pieces you will go to every day. We get countless compliments on our Gorjana jewelry and feel that they make the perfect girlfriend to girlfriend gifts. Yup — get them what they really want. Continue reading “Gorjana Jewelry — Beautiful Layers”

+ Two gals in Hunter boots on a huge log in the great outdoors.

Rainy Days Make Me Think of Hunter Boots. . . and they have sooo much more!

Hunter boots are a go-to standard seen on rainy days in many urban areas and college campuses. If you don’t own a pair, you should consider a pair of Hunter rain boots that definitely stand the test of time, rain and mud.  Plus — the benefit that you will look good on gloomy, rainy days. But did you know that Hunter has more than just rain boots? Continue reading “Rainy Days Make Me Think of Hunter Boots. . . and they have sooo much more!”


Warmest Gloves & Mittens

Staying warm during the winter is a priority for me and my family. We love the change of seasons and with that comes the cold and windy winter months — plus, we love to ski, so we always put winter gear to the true test. Continue reading “Warmest Gloves & Mittens”


Hostess Gifts

Going to some fun holiday parties this year?

It is that time again — holiday parties, running around, wrapping gifts, partying with friends and family! We think you will enjoy this time of year more if you stock up on a few of these so you are ready and not running around to find something the day of a holiday party. Continue reading “Hostess Gifts”


Ice Breaker Long Underwear — worth the splurge!

When you love to ski or snowboard you learn that you may need to pay a bit more for the highest quality long underwear.  Well, Ice Breaker is hands down our favorite and worth the splurge! Continue reading “Ice Breaker Long Underwear — worth the splurge!”