Furbo — Dog Owners, Have you seen this?

OMgosh — this is the sweetest interactive treat throwing dog gadget for when you are not at home! Using your phone you can watch your dog, speak to him/her, and throw treats to them.  Furbo.  How Fun! Continue reading “Furbo — Dog Owners, Have you seen this?”


So Much More Than A Candle. . . .

These Objects With Purpose Candles are healthier to burn in your home, have sophisticated scents using essential oils and you can even use the warm oil to moisturize your skin. Many of us are conscious about what we eat and we also care about the products we put on our skin — what about the candles we burn in our homes? Continue reading “So Much More Than A Candle. . . .”


Hip Vests – Check these out before they sell out!

One for you. . . One for me!  One for you. . . One for me!  That is what I keep thinking about this vest. Hurry!  Before these sell out. Continue reading “Hip Vests – Check these out before they sell out!”


Tech Products for Teens (and adults, too)

Here are some of the latest and most useful tech products that got rave review from teens, college students. . .  and made their parents/adults take notice too. Continue reading “Tech Products for Teens (and adults, too)”


Pajamas — Yup, Most Likely You Need New PJs!

Two times a year, I do a closet shift of clothes.  This fall I realized I desperately needed some new pajamas and did a search only to find some wonderful, yummy soft pajamas!   Continue reading “Pajamas — Yup, Most Likely You Need New PJs!”


Soggy Doggy

Hands down this is THE product we use most with our dog.  I have one by each entry door and I also have one in the car.


Soggy Doggy has “shammy” towels and mats that help dry off your dog’s paws and body when they come in from the outside.   Continue reading “Soggy Doggy”


Retro Polaroid Cameras — They’re Back!

Having a comeback are the classic, retro Polaroid cameras — believe it or not.  The younger kids, teens and college kids are picking these up again and enjoying instant photos!  Who knew? Continue reading “Retro Polaroid Cameras — They’re Back!”


Hipster Planters & A Night Light

Check out these sweet, hip planters. . . . and a night light.  I found these while traveling and had to get one for my kitchen window sill, which will make me smile every morning.  I also need to get a couple for my Secret Gift Closet — so unique to have on hand for my coolest of friends!

Continue reading “Hipster Planters & A Night Light”


Fun Glasses For The Beach

Just a few weeks left of summer time fun and these glasses are the perfect acrylic glass to take on your next beach day, bonfire, picnic at the beach!   Continue reading “Fun Glasses For The Beach”


Dorm Room Smart Essentials

Here are some essentials that college and boarding school students love to have in their rooms.

Many experienced parents will say to wait (to purchase things for the dorm) until you see the room size and layout.  I agree with this for the larger items.  All of these suggestions below add value and they will fit no matter what!  Check these out and leave a comment for other useful items that boarding students should consider.  Our tip is to order on Amazon so you aren’t driving around like a crazy parent trying to find all these things. . . .  (commissioned links) Continue reading “Dorm Room Smart Essentials”


Luggage Tag Jewelry Charms

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”
Gaby Basora

Summer means travel and discovering or returning to a favorite destination.

Jet Set Jewelry helps you keep the memories with you every day with their jewelry charms.  Wear on a necklace or bracelet for a very unique, special way to pay tribute to a favorite location! Continue reading “Luggage Tag Jewelry Charms”


This summer I bet you are not thinking about long underwear.

Girlfriends:  Summer is the best time to upgrade and clean out your long underwear

It is a pretty safe bet that if you take a closer look at your long underwear in the summer sunlight, you will see that you need to do some purging and why not purchase some new items now on sale?   Continue reading “This summer I bet you are not thinking about long underwear.”


Cool Gifts for Cats

Cat Lovers helped me find these cat gifts.  We can’t forget the cats and cat owners (especially when I’m a complete dog lover). Plus, Ellen DeGeneres made cats cool again . . .  at least that is what I think.  Continue reading “Cool Gifts for Cats”


Gorgeous Housewarming & Hostess Gifts

This summer we were often the guests at our friend’s vacation homes — what a treat for us!  I don’t like to show up empty handed and I love to take a selection of items from The Michel Design Works line.  Take a look at some of my favorite housewarming and hostess gifts to give. Continue reading “Gorgeous Housewarming & Hostess Gifts”