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+ Taking off bottle cap with wall mounted Dropcatch.

DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

+ White Labrador getting dried off using Soggy Doggy towel.

Soggy Doggy – quickest way to dry dogs

We have been using our Soggy Doggy towels often with all the recent rain. Hands down this is THE product we use most with our dog.  We have one by each house entry door and we also have one in the car. Soggy Doggy makes “shammy” towels and mats that help dry off your dog’s paws and body when they come in from the … Read More Soggy Doggy – quickest way to dry dogs


Gorjana Jewelry — Beautiful Layers

Modern, timeless, unique jewelry by Gorjana. The trend now is more delicate necklaces that you layer and these are the pieces you will go to every day. We get countless compliments on our Gorjana jewelry and feel that they make the perfect girlfriend to girlfriend gifts. Yup — get them what they really want.

+ Two gals in Hunter boots on a huge log in the great outdoors.

Rainy Days Make Me Think of Hunter Boots. . . and they have sooo much more!

Hunter boots are a go-to standard seen on rainy days in many urban areas and college campuses. If you don’t own a pair, you should consider a pair of Hunter rain boots that definitely stand the test of time, rain and mud.  Plus — the benefit that you will look good on gloomy, rainy days. But did you know that Hunter has more than … Read More Rainy Days Make Me Think of Hunter Boots. . . and they have sooo much more!

+ Artistic detail on kitchen tea towels.

Sexy Kitchen Towels? We Think So.

Towels sound boring, but these kitchen towels are such works of art, the designs are. . . almost sexy!! — Stock up now (before the holidays) since these make outstanding hostess gifts.

+ Bob Ross Bobblehead

Bob Ross Bobbleheads

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Many of us growing up remember Bob Ross’s soothing voice as he painted landscapes on TV.  This Bob Ross Bobblehead is just too funny and a unique gift for a friend who will appreciate calming words and Bob’s head bobbing!


Valentine’s Gifts

My favorite Valentine’s Gifts are thoughtful, personal gifts that show you were thinking of your loved ones. Best Valentine’s gifts would include ‘experience gifts’ to do together in the future: concert tickets to her favorite band, hotel getaway to his favorite beach or ski resort (just the 2 of you), tickets to a movie or hard-to-get sports event. Most importantly, everyone loves a thoughtful … Read More Valentine’s Gifts


Gifts for Girls

Some years I can easily think up and find gifts that fit my girlfriends/sister/mom, but other years I struggle and wait and stress. Here are some proven winners that I hope take the stress out of shopping for the ladies in your life.


Stocking Stuffers – YAY!

One of the most common questions we get asked for help with during the holidays is “What are good stocking stuffer ideas?”  We tend to go with practical and useful, rather than little toys/items that will never get used.


Hostess Gifts

Going to some fun holiday parties this year? It is that time again — holiday parties, running around, wrapping gifts, partying with friends and family! We think you will enjoy this time of year more if you stock up on a few of these so you are ready and not running around to find something the day of a holiday party.


Mud Pie -Whimsical Hostess Gifts

We’re kinda freakin’ out here!  These are such unique, fun kitchen and entertaining gifts — that are functional at the same time.

Furbo — Dog Owners, Have you seen this?

OMgosh — this is the sweetest interactive treat throwing dog gadget for when you are not at home! Using your phone you can watch your dog, speak to him/her, and throw treats to them.  Furbo.  How Fun!