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+ Salty Cottage Hand Made Pillows

Add Personality To Your Home With Salty Cottage Pillows

Many of us have been upgrading our home interior a bit since we are spending more time in our homes. One of the easiest (and fun!) ways to do this is by updating your pillows. Exploring these whimsical Salty Cottage Pillows will surely put anyone into ‘vacation mode.’ Expressing personality and charm, these would make wonderful hostess/house warming gifts. One for you, one for … Read More Add Personality To Your Home With Salty Cottage Pillows

For The Birds. . . Literally

Are we turning into our parents with this newfound love of bird watching? Maybe, but the love of bird watching is real. . . along with our quest to keep them well fed in our little backyard sanctuary. In particular, we love these Bird Feeders that fit (using secure suction cups) on the window — for a closer view of our bird friends, while … Read More For The Birds. . . Literally

+ FURminator Dog Brush for Shedding Dogs

The FURminator dog brush for dogs that shed

Sometimes the best gifts are completely practical and those are the ones that get used all the time.  Here is one of those gifts for anyone with a shedding dog. . . .  This Furminator Brush is the best at truly removing hair from your dog.

+ Skida Winter Hats and Accessories

Skida Hats, Headbands & More

Tired of boring winter hats? Look a bit more stylish and stay warm in the winter with Skida. The only challenge you will have is picking the design you love the most.

+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffers – 15+ ideas starting at $5

More than 15 items starting at $5. See our selection for clever ideas that will surely fit your family members personality and interests