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Furbo — Dog Owners, Have you seen this?

OMgosh — this is the sweetest interactive treat throwing dog gadget for when you are not at home! Using your phone you can watch your dog, speak to him/her, and throw treats to them.  Furbo.  How Fun!


Cool Gifts for Cats

Cat Lovers helped me find these cat gifts.  We can’t forget the cats and cat owners (especially when I’m a complete dog lover). Plus, Ellen DeGeneres made cats cool again . . .  at least that is what I think. 


Soggy Doggy

Hands down this is THE product we use most with our dog.  I have one by each entry door and I also have one in the car. Soggy Doggy has “shammy” towels and mats that help dry off your dog’s paws and body when they come in from the outside.  


Top Pet Gift (for dogs that shed!)

Sometimes the best gifts are completely practical and then they become valuable since they get used all the time.  Here is one of those gifts for anyone who owns a shedding dog. . . .  This Furminator Brush is the best at truly removing hair from your dog.  Here are some shots from a grooming day outside with our model German “Shed-er” Roxy.  Several … Read More Top Pet Gift (for dogs that shed!)