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+ Infrared Touchless Thermometer Makes It Easier To Take Temperatures

No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Where were these when our kids were babies/toddlers?! Easy to use, fast digital infrared thermometers give peace of mind and now they are more affordable, making them the perfect gift.

+ Gifts for Guys (& Gals) Who Love Their Cars

Gifts for Guys (& Gals) Who Love Their Cars

Here are some gifts for guys (and gals) who take really good care of their cars.

+ Sloth tea infuser by Fred and Friends

Kitchen Gifts That Always Make Them Smile

Here are some select Kitchen Tools that are functional and really — So Much Fun!  Who wouldn’t smile receiving one of these gifts?  If you are going to buy a tea infuser, why not this one?!

The last candle/fire lighter you will need to buy

The last candle/fire lighter you will need to buy

For The Birds. . . Literally

Are we turning into our parents with this newfound love of bird watching? Maybe, but the love of bird watching is real. . . along with our quest to keep them well fed in our little backyard sanctuary. In particular, we love these Bird Feeders that fit (using secure suction cups) on the window — for a closer view of our bird friends, while … Read More For The Birds. . . Literally