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+ Taking off bottle cap with wall mounted Dropcatch.

DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

+ Bob Ross Bobblehead

Bob Ross Bobbleheads

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? Many of us growing up remember Bob Ross’s soothing voice as he painted landscapes on TV.  This Bob Ross Bobblehead is just too funny and a unique gift for a friend who will appreciate calming words and Bob’s head bobbing!


Gifts for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Here are some of our favorite gifts for men this Valentine’s Day — some are useful, practical, sporty, and others are plain hot (!) and fun!  Don’t forget your man. . . . and if you have been stumped on what to get him, we hope these ideas help.


Guys, Guys, Guys! Gifts for the men in your life.

We prefer to give guys experience gifts like: tickets to a favorite sports game, concert tickets, or even lift tickets and hotel for a long weekend at a ski resort. Those gifts make memories and are fun to give! To fill in under the tree and when you just need something to wrap, get him what he really wants/will use.


Stocking Stuffers – YAY!

One of the most common questions we get asked for help with during the holidays is “What are good stocking stuffer ideas?”  We tend to go with practical and useful, rather than little toys/items that will never get used.


Warmest Gloves & Mittens

Staying warm during the winter is a priority for me and my family. We love the change of seasons and with that comes the cold and windy winter months — plus, we love to ski, so we always put winter gear to the true test.


Tech Products for Teens (and adults, too)

Here are some of the latest and most useful tech products that got rave review from teens, college students. . .  and made their parents/adults take notice too.


Retro Polaroid Cameras — They’re Back!

Having a comeback are the classic, retro Polaroid cameras — believe it or not.  The younger kids, teens and college kids are picking these up again and enjoying instant photos!  Who knew?


Hipster Planters & A Night Light

Check out these sweet, hip planters. . . . and a night light.  I found these while traveling and had to get one for my kitchen window sill, which will make me smile every morning.  I also need to get a couple for my Secret Gift Closet — so unique to have on hand for my coolest of friends!


Fun Glasses For The Beach

Just a few weeks left of summer time fun and these glasses are the perfect acrylic glass to take on your next beach day, bonfire, picnic at the beach!  


Dorm Room Smart Essentials

Here are some essentials that college and boarding school students love to have in their rooms. Many experienced parents will say to wait (to purchase things for the dorm) until you see the room size and layout.  I agree with this for the larger items.  All of these suggestions below add value and they will fit no matter what!  Check these out and leave … Read More Dorm Room Smart Essentials


Water or Wine?

Here are a few beautiful, functional glass vessels from Menu that are perfect if you know anyone passionate about wine or water. . .  These Menu wine decanters, water carafes and jugs all elevate the design and beauty of our every day lives.  Gifts for those who care about the finer things in life and will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship put into these designs. … Read More Water or Wine?