I have this really hip friend who introduced me to the U-Turn Audio Turntables.

Record players are making a comeback.  I still remember the skips on some of my favorite albums:  Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Steve Miller Band, The Police. . . .  and more!

uturn turntable

U-Turn Audio makes their turntables in the US, they are easy to set up, sound amazing —  and. . . . they are pretty affordable.   These record players are hip and come in fun colors, as well.  It is nice to see this comeback — especially with decent sound!

I know a couple guys in particular who would love one of these. . . . and be happy to get some their old albums out of storage (hopefully not warped).  This is a treasured gift for someone who loves classic albums — possibly a splurge gift for the holidays or a special birthday.  Cheers to listening to albums the way artists intended them to be heard!


Find Here:

U-Turn Audio – Orbit Plus Turntable (Blue)

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