Girlfriends:  Summer is the best time to upgrade and clean out your long underwear

It is a pretty safe bet that if you take a closer look at your long underwear in the summer sunlight, you will see that you need to do some purging and why not purchase some new items now on sale?   I highly recommend going to your ‘storage bin’ of ski/snowboard/winter sports clothing to take everything out into the sunlight to see reality.  Plus, let’s face it, even with anti-stink fabrics, after so many years, your winter athletic gear is going to stink and look worn (we are sweating and working out in these winter sports, right?).  If you clean out now and purchase some new performance long underwear, it will feel amazing to open that storage bin up in the early winter with fresh gear that you did not pay full price for.

For women, I couldn’t be happier with the new colorful, fun options  that are now designed for our body shapes.  Some are new and some are brands you have heard of before, but many brands have updated their lines for women, as well.

Check out some of my favorites which you will not be embarrassed running around in for Apres Ski!  Please note that some of these items are on sale for certain colors/styles, other options are not on sale.

Buy now and you can thank me next winter!!

Buy it Here: Kari Traa Half Zip Baselayer (image below)

karitraasnowflake with pinkstripe

Buy It Here: Kari Traa Baselayer Bottom

snowflakeziptop and pants

Buy It Here:  Kari Traa Fleece Mid Layer


Buy It Here: Icebreaker Half Zip Baselayer


Buy It Here:  Icebreaker Merino Leggings


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