Hunter boots are a go-to standard seen on rainy days in many urban areas and college campuses. If you don’t own a pair, you should consider a pair of Hunter rain boots that definitely stand the test of time, rain and mud.  Plus — the benefit that you will look good on gloomy, rainy days. But did you know that Hunter has more than just rain boots?

Here are some of our favorite Hunter clothing items and accessories that are so stylish and still functional! You will find that the extended brand still maintains the same attention to detail that makes Hunter boots high quality and practical, yet are very attractive!

Hunter boots, clothing and accessories make wonderful gifts for students and urban gals who commute outside for any period of time. Dog walkers, parents who watch sports on the sidelines (no matter the weather), travelers — OK, most of us would appreciate a gift from Hunter!! Enjoy exploring.

Women’s Original Midlayer Vest

We love Hunter’s thin, yet warm midlayer vest. Lightweight, slim and stylish — yet, still warm and easy to pack and have on hand for a cool evening or that extra layer under a coat in the winter. Plus, we would all wear this simply because it looks cool! Good luck deciding on a color — all of them are appealing and will work with your wardrobe. Click image below to learn more (affiliate links).

Boot Socks

If you do not own a tall pair of boot socks for your rain boots, you don’t know what you are missing. They help keep your feet warm and help keep your feet/lower legs snug and cozy.

Click images below to learn more — here are two of our favorites.  Cable and Faux Fur!

Fanny Pack

Well, too bad we didn’t hold on to our old fanny packs, since they are back in fashion. Heck, my old one didn’t look like this! Take note: the new trend is how fanny packs are now worn strapped diagonally across the chest — how cool is that?  Click on the image below to learn more.

Phone Cross Body Bag

We love this small cross body bag for the minimalists out there who also want to be hands free. This phone bag would be useful while traveling, as well. Click image below to learn more.

Waterproof Rain Jacket

Leave it to Hunter to make an amazing lightweight, waterproof rain jacket that is super attractive, as well.  Nice!  Click image below to learn more.

(Splurge) Stella McCartney Boot

Aww man. . .  this is a beautiful – yet still bad a** boot that will get you through the worst weather. A $$ splurge we realize, but we are sure you will get a ton of use out of these and then the cost per wear makes them more valuable. (One way to look at it).  Click image below to learn more.

Slim Fit Quilted Tall Rain Boot

This is a bit of a fashionable twist on the original — this Hunter boot looks new and fresh if you are looking for something different than the classic Hunter riding boot. Click image below to learn more.

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