This salt and pepper grinder set is solid and worth the investment. Your foodie and health conscious friends will quickly taste the difference in their foods — plus, enjoy how easy these are to use.

Chefs know that the finest spices and minerals can make all the difference in elevating meals. Cole & Mason grinders are an upgrade to the common salt and pepper shaker.

Now so many of us cook with coarse salt or Himalayan Salt for the health benefits and taste.  These grinders provide the freshest grind for both your coarse sea salt and peppercorns.


Such high quality and nice to look at!  Form and Function at the best. You can control up to 6 precise grinding levels that offer fine or coarse granules. Very easy to refill, as well.

What a nice gift  — and consider including Himalayan Salt and whole peppercorns, too (see below).

Cole & Mason Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Click image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate links)

Here are our recommendations for adding in course salt and peppercorns.

Grinder Ready Authentic Pink Himalayan Salt

Click image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate links)

Aromatic and Full Flavored Peppercorns

Click image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate links)

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