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Hands-down Best Sun Hats – Eric Javits

We have owned a lot of sun hats over the years. The longest lasting — and worth the investment — has to be Eric Javits. Check out the fashionable styles and colors.

+ Mr. Bird Bird Seed Wreaths and Houses

Unique Shaped Bird Seed Feeders

These bird seed designed bird feeders make nice gifts for grandparents, new home owners, and anyone who enjoys nature and attracting birds.  We love the fun shapes that ultimately get eaten by the birds.


Guys, Guys, Guys! Gifts for the men in your life.

We prefer to give guys experience gifts like: tickets to a favorite sports game, concert tickets, or even lift tickets and hotel for a long weekend at a ski resort. Those gifts make memories and are fun to give! To fill in under the tree and when you just need something to wrap, get him what he really wants/will use.


Hipster Planters & A Night Light

Check out these sweet, hip planters. . . . and a night light.  I found these while traveling and had to get one for my kitchen window sill, which will make me smile every morning.  I also need to get a couple for my Secret Gift Closet — so unique to have on hand for my coolest of friends!


Gorgeous Housewarming & Hostess Gifts

This summer we were often the guests at our friend’s vacation homes — what a treat for us!  I don’t like to show up empty handed and I love to take a selection of items from The Michel Design Works line.  Take a look at some of my favorite housewarming and hostess gifts to give.

Hostess Gifts — Stock Up So You’re Ready For The Holidays

The holidays are almost here and that means a lot of parties and gatherings.   Most people bring a bottle of wine, but I always try to bring something extra special for the host/hostess.  Knowing how much work it takes to put on a dinner party or social gathering, I try to surprise and delight with an appropriate gift. Heading into the holidays, I like … Read More Hostess Gifts — Stock Up So You’re Ready For The Holidays


Whimsical, Hip Girl Friend?

Do You Have A Whimsical, Hip Girl Friend? These gifts are super unique and fun — perfect for your whimsical friend or that extra special hostess gift. I stumbled on this brand while traveling the west coast and I bought a fun ring holder for myself.  Now I keep giving fun gifts from imm living that continue to surprise and delight.  Seriously — these are … Read More Whimsical, Hip Girl Friend?


Winter Sweaters and Tops – SmartWool

Being a skier I was first attracted to SmartWool for their Apres Ski clothing and long underwear pieces that are made from wool — but not the scratchy wool, rather the high quality, sweat-wicking ‘smart’ wool that breathes with you and looks great after washings.  I’m always impressed that the SmartWool line is soft, too.


Darn Tough Socks

I know — don’t laugh.  Socks.  But, these will change your life and turn you into a “One-brand-preferred-sock-buyer!” I used to not think a lot about socks and in the fall/winter time would purchase another well-known wool sock brand. But. . . . I had to buy new socks year after year, since I can guarantee that after one year, the heel started to … Read More Darn Tough Socks