The most treasured memories with my family have to be game night.  We were blessed to spend several winters skiing as a family and how convenient that the WIFI/cell coverage wasn’t that great where we stayed!  So, apres ski time meant competitive games which brought us all together.  

One of our favorite restaurants kept the Apples to Apples game at the restaurant (smart idea!) and we would love to play by the fire while we waited for our food to arrive.  This is an extra special memory for our family that we still reflect back on.

This is the gift of time — and in today’s high tech world where often our heads are down at the phone or computer, it is wonderful to make the time to show our family and friends that our time together is so important — and have fun!

These games are perfect for any gathering of friends and family.  Isn’t it fun what you learn about one another and the random conversations that pop up while you are playing games?

Enjoy this selection of our family favorites (that still come out in our home) and feel free to share some of your favorite games with us, as well.   Click on Game Image to find online.

  1.  Apples to Apples:  a family classic that is different every time you play.  Keep laughing and learning about one another.  This version — all new cards!  Ages 12 +

2.  Rummikub:  This one is fairly new in our household.  Played a lot like Gin Rummy, so this one is a hit for fast paced fun!  Ages 8 +

3)  Quarto by Gigamic:  Now for something completely different!  This game set is beautifully made with wood pieces.  It has an unexpected element in that after your turn, you pick the piece for the next player!!  Fun and a crowd pleaser in our home.  Ages 6 +

4)  Blokus:  We learned about Blokus at our children’s after school program.  All the kids wanted to play Blokus, so we had to get one for home!  This is a game of strategy and fun for ages 7 and up.

5)   Zingo:  For younger kids (recommended ages 4 – 10 years old) this is a super unique, fun game worth hours and hours of entertainment.

6)  Pie Face:   Don’t forget the whipped cream to play this game that was made even more popular by The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  This silly game is prime for loads of laughter and can get a bit messy (lot of wiping off faces).  For ages 5 +

7)  Clue — the retro classic version:   Some of the classic board games truly stand the test of time.  It was important to us to teach our children some of the classic board games we grew up with and Clue became a family favorite for our kids!!  Ages 8 +

8)  Scrabble Flash:  An updated version of the classic Scrabble game.  Scrabble Flash is electronic and can be played with another person or alone.  Our kids quickly upgraded to the Flash version of Scrabble since they liked that they could play it alone.  Don’t you love it when your children play a game that teaches them at the same time? Ages 8+

9)  Jenga:  Another classic game that warms my heart when one of my kids brings out to play with us.  Some of these games are fun to give to college age kids or newlyweds so they can start their own game collection for their home/apartment. Ages 8+

Jenga Giant — stacks to 3 ft high.  Perfect summer birthday gift or hostess gift for outdoor party or if you go stay at someone’s summer home.  Ages 8+

10) Cards Against Humanity — Adults only:  This game is only for very open minded, fun-loving, (maybe even a bit dirty) adults only!!  We stayed up to the wee-hours the first time we played Cards Against Humanity with some other friends.  This is essentially Apples to Apples for adults, since the cards you select your answers from can be a bit raunchy, sexual (dirty!), out of this world crazy, politically incorrect, and unexpected.   Their tag line is “Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people.”  Ages 18+

So. . . . have fun, but keep in mind this is for certain crowds (I guess. . . .the crowds I tend to hang out with. . . . .!!)

And if you have played before from the first edition box, then you need to get the expanded versions.  They come in Cards Against Humanity: Blue Box, Cards Against Humanity: Red Box, Cards Against Humanity: Green Box, etc.

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