The Jewelry Snug is the ideal product to help keep jewelry organized, neat and keep items from tangling.  This set comes with earring/ring compartments that screw together.  They are clear so you can see what is inside them (they come with foam to keep items secure and from clanking around inside).  My favorite part of this set are the clear sleeves.  The way these work is they open up, you lay your necklace or bracelet inside, push the sleeves together and then you can roll the sleeve up or roll it around the earring/ring compartment.  Perfect for traveling or also for keeping things neat at home.  I bought extra sleeves for my jewelry drawer at home.  Easy to find what I’m looking for and no more tangling!  Simple and oh-so useful.

Jewelry Snug Jewelry Roll (Jewelry Roll)    


Jewelry Snug Jewelry Roll (Jewelry Roll)



Jewelry Snug 2 Page Pack for Jewelry Roll (2 Page Pack)

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