Here are a few beautiful, functional glass vessels from Menu that are perfect if you know anyone passionate about wine or water. . .  These Menu wine decanters, water carafes and jugs all elevate the design and beauty of our every day lives.  Gifts for those who care about the finer things in life and will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship put into these designs.

Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe – Gold by Menumenu-wine-breather-decanter-6

For the Wine Connoisseur:    The Menu Winebreather wine decanter aerates your wine in one simple step.  Simply press the decanter onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so the wine pours into the decanter.  You have 2 options — you may serve the wine from the decanter or you can flip the bottle back over to pour the aerated wine back into the original bottle.  How cool is that?  This beautiful carafe decanter was designed by Peter Orsig and is simply mesmerizing to watch.

The elegant Menu Winebreather Carafe adds 10x more oxygen to your wine in under 2 minutes. The Menu Winebreather Carafe is the most effective aerator on the market and was the undisputed winner of a Eurofins aerating test.

Watch the Winebreather Carafe Video

big winebreathercarafe

Wine Breather Carafe Deluxe – Gold by Menu

This is a must for the wine lover in your life.

Many of us are trying to remember to drink water throughout the day.  The Menu Water Jug (27 ounce) is a beautiful reminder and a sophisticated glass to keep on your desk or with you on the go all day.  The slender, waist-like shape provides a solid grip and the elegant lid comes with a mechanism which automatically opens when you pour, ensuring that foreign objects stay out and ice cubes, slices of lemon and mint leaves stay in.

Menu Water Jug, 27-Ounce

The larger Menu Water Jug (48 ounces) is perfect as a water pitcher to use for get-togethers, dinners and every day use.

Menu Water Jug  (48 ounce)


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