Here are some essentials that college and boarding school students love to have in their rooms.

Many experienced parents will say to wait (to purchase things for the dorm) until you see the room size and layout.  I agree with this for the larger items.  All of these suggestions below add value and they will fit no matter what!  Check these out and leave a comment for other useful items that boarding students should consider.  Our tip is to order on Amazon so you aren’t driving around like a crazy parent trying to find all these things. . . .  (commissioned links)

1) Mattress topper:

Most dorm room mattresses aren’t that luxurious and freshmen always complain about feeling the springs in the mattresses. . .  we learned about these gel memory foam toppers that are such a great solution.  Oh — and follow the instructions for opening it up from the packaging and allowing it to expand which takes a couple days.

memoryfoam hand

2 Versions:

Advanced Sleep Solutions 2 ” Ultra Premium Gel-infused Memory Foam Topper ~ $85 Twin XL

Buy Advanced Sleep Solutions 2″ Gel Topper

Memory Foam Solutions 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper ~$47 Twin XL

Buy Memory Foam Solutions 2″ Gel Topper

2) Personal Safe

This safe is the perfect size to lock away wallet, cash, gift cards, passport, and other small valuables — and I love how you can securely lock the safe around a permanent structure in the room.  This safe also uses a combination to open rather than a key (that I would inevitably lose!).  Sentry Safe also offers larger safe sizes, but this one is ideal for keeping the important things safe.

SentrySafe Combination Compact Safe

3) Shower Caddy Organizer:

This is an affordable, basic black shower caddy in small which measures:  6 2/3-inch by 9 1/4-inch by 5 1/4-inch.  The medium size may also work for more bathroom supplies or for helping to organize a desk or closet.

If you care about color, for a bit more $, there are more options here.

4)  Bungee Round Folding Chair

Kids and teens love these chairs since they are portable and fold up flat to store easily.  The folding chair can be used as extra seating in dorm rooms or to take to meetings/outdoor activities to have a comfy chair to sit in.  Kids love these at camp too!

bungeechair with kid

Dorm Room Folding Bengee Chair

5)  VAVA Bluetooth Portable Water-Resistant Speaker

Because students like music in the shower/bathroom!  My son has had his for 3+ years and this speaker seems indestructible.  It has survived being dropped countless times, shower jam sessions, outdoor fun at the beach, camping, hiking, tailgating, and more!



6) Laptop Sleeve

Did you just take out a loan to purchase your child a laptop, on top of tuition, room and board?  Think about getting a hip and protective laptop cover to protect your investment.

Be sure to measure your laptop before purchasing a case, so it fits properly.

Neoprene laptop sleeves (Check the size of your laptop first!)

7)  Wall hooks that (magically) stick to wall without damaging the wall.

These dorm safe hooks are easy to use and very helpful for students.  Hang hats, jackets, bags, etc.


Command Velcro Strips for hanging pictures/frames on the walls.


8)  Fan Options

Portable Fan:  This is a classic small (yet powerful) portable desktop or dresser top fan:

For warmer climates consider having this one shipped to your child in school!

LED light and fan (small in size — great for hanging by bed or desk.  Campers like this one, too):


9) First Aid Kit:

We pulled together some First-Aid over the counter items that included: Band-Aids, Advil, Pepto, Sudafed, etc.  A small collection of items in a zip-top baggie in case our student needed to help himself and didn’t want to go to the nurse for these things.

10) Gift suggestions for grand-parents/friends: ~ $25 gift cards to the local Chipotle, Starbucks, Qdoba, Chik-fil-A, etc.  Wherever the kids like to hang out on or off campus, kids love gift cards to help them eat what they really want.


*** Let’s hope and pray our student’s school careers are safe, educational and fun! ***

Not this much fun. . . ..

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