One for you. . . One for me!  One for you. . . One for me!  That is what I keep thinking about this vest. Hurry!  Before these sell out.

This is a hip, fashionable high quality vest at a reasonable price. The vest is by s13 New York. It is down and comes in multiple colors. A puffer style, but not too bulky.  The fur is faux fur, but really nice — it looks and feels real, but how nice that it is faux.


If you have a teen or 20-something or cool mom on your shopping list, this is the perfect gift! I (of course) love the camo and there is also a metallic version. For a more neutral, you can go with the Jet color.

Below I also included a couple mens vests and a mid-length coat all by s13.

Click on Images Below to Order Now (commissioned links):

S13 Women’s Camo Snowcat Down Puffer Vest Faux Fur Hood

  • 100% Nylon, Dry Clean Only, Fleece lined pockets with snap closure
  • Detachable hood with faux fur trim

S13 Women’s Metallic Snowcat Down Puffer Vest with Faux Fur Hood

S13 Women’s Snowcat Down Puffer Vest Faux Fur Hood

S13 Men’s Camo Edge Zip Front Down Vest

S13 Men’s Edge Vest

S13 Men’s Matte Edge Down Vest

S13 Women’s Gramercy Mid Length Down Puffer with Faux Fur Hood

(Right now comes in 4 colors)

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