These Objects With Purpose Candles are healthier to burn in your home, have sophisticated scents using essential oils and you can even use the warm oil to moisturize your skin. Many of us are conscious about what we eat and we also care about the products we put on our skin — what about the candles we burn in our homes? Objects with Purpose candles are the healthier alternative. A bit of an investment, so these are a generous gift to share with a friend or treat yourself. The large candle burns for 50 hours, so they do last quite awhile. Keep by your bedside for a spiritual scent, warm glow — and may I suggest using the oil as a massage oil?!

I have given these as generous hostess gifts for my friends who I knew would appreciate the wonderful scents and all the benefits.

ojectswithpurpose in hands

Here are some of my favorite scents.

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Fight Or Flight (Jasmine and Vanilla)

To be used in times of stress when we are experiencing fight or flight mode. Pause, light a candle and set a meaningful purpose on the flame. Ignite your wish! 

3 wick 50 hour burn time

1 wick 30 hour burn time

Dahlia (Rose and Lychee)

Like a fresh picked rose. 

3 wick 50 hour burn time

1 wick 30 hour burn time

White Tea, Fig and Tobacco

This addictive scent features citrus & rich earthy notes. 

3 wick 50 hour burn time

1 wick 30 hour burn time

Dirt Rich (Wood & Vine)

Like walking through a misty forest looking for unicorns. This candle is reminiscent of the richest soil, cedar wood and tomato vine are the strongest notes and evoke feelings of magical quests and dreamy gardens.

3 wick 50 hour burn time

1 wick 30 hour burn time


Burn Time : Lrg – 50hrs; Med – 30hrs; Grande Tin – 20 hrs; Travel Tin – 8hrs

A natural coconut derived 100% non-toxic non GMO, bio-degradable,vegan, ecologically sound, completely sustainable proprietary vegetable wax blend. No petro-chemicals.

This wax burns at a low temperature making it a soothing body butter when warm and solid perfume when cool.

Artisan, small batch Hand poured in California.

Coconut Candle Ingredients:

80% Coconut Wax/Oil

And a proprietary blend of vegetable oils.

Fragrance Oil – blend of fragrances using some essential oils.

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