Going to some fun holiday parties this year?

It is that time again — holiday parties, running around, wrapping gifts, partying with friends and family! We think you will enjoy this time of year more if you stock up on a few of these so you are ready and not running around to find something the day of a holiday party. Yes, you can bring a bottle of wine, BUT these are more thoughtful, more useful and more fun! Buy multiples. . . and don’t forget yourself. The best hostess gift is the one you want to keep (or already have)!

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Wine glass “OMG”

These stemless glasses make us laugh — get 2 of these instead of a bottle of wine for your favorite host/hostess who will enjoy their wine in this all-too-appropriate glass!

Monogram Acacia Wood Cutting Board (Personalized – please allow enough time for delivery)

What a gorgeous and generous personalized cutting board!

Mud Pie

Yup! We dedicated a whole post to Mud Pie, since there are many fun options to consider for your gifts. Here is one of our favorites.

Agate 7 – Piece Coaster Set by Zodax

We are seeing Agate as a trend in home decor. These agate coasters are beautiful and more affordable than others we have seen.

Savannah Bee — block and whipped honey (yum!)

savannahbee honey

This is the most yummy appetizer by Savannah Bee. This is nature’s purest of foods and super yummy. Put this out on a cutting board with crackers, sliced apples, cheddar cheese and more. Delicious and always a crowd pleaser.

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 Whipped Honey — New from Savannah Bee

Whipped honey is crystallized honey that’s spun until it’s creamy,
smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious. Use as a frosting for butter
cookies. Stir into coffee or tea.

Luci Lights

Always a crowd pleaser. So many uses and just fun to have out on your deck/patio. Who can resist how eco friendly these are (no batteries, instead solar powered), plus, such a wonderful mission donating their Luci lights to people in developing countries.


Relaxing Spa Gift for Her by The Little Flower Soap Company in Chelsea MI

We love this perfect box of essential oil gifts for any hostess who appreciates what they put on their skin. Thoughtful and useful.  Trust us — these are the organic self-care items that will get used. (We love this small business overall, too. Many wonderful gifts). This particular set includes:

1 lip balm VANILLA
1 four oz bath salt Pink Grapefruit
1 muscle rescue balm tin
1 skin rescue balm tin

Organic coffee and an appropriate (!) mug

While you are out shopping at a grocery store or even TJMax/Home Goods, you can easily pick up a nice organic coffee along with a pretty mug. We always love useful gifts and if you know your host/hostess loves coffee or tea, buy some specialty brands along with a beautiful mug that they may not purchase for themselves.

(Note on Death Wish Coffee — this is the strongest coffee around. A little shot of coffee goes a long way. Not for the faint of heart!)


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