One of the most common questions we get asked for help with during the holidays is “What are good stocking stuffer ideas?”  We tend to go with practical and useful, rather than little toys/items that will never get used.

We also like to get little items for each person that fit their particular interests. For example, if you have a baseball player, that bat grip tape is always a hit (bat grip tape). Does your son or daughter love make up or hair products — help them stock up on their favorites (Loreal Mythic Oil). Does your spouse love tea or coffee — splurge on the best for their stocking. And don’t forget to start with an orange (growing up in the midwest — this a common tradition)!

Here are several tried and true stocking stuffers:

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Vehicle Life Saving Tool

What we like about this tool is that you keep it plugged into your cigarette lighter in the car and it is a phone charger with 2 usb ports. It is always there and within hands reach. We hope no one has to use it, but if you are in an accident, the tool has a spring loaded glass breaker so you can break your window to get out and a seat belt cutter.

Eargasm Ear Plugs

We need these for our spin class, on plane trips, when there is a party next door. . .

Photo Clips String Lights

We just love these for a dorm room, teen’s room, at a party for graduation or birthday or wedding. Tons of uses and looks so sweet lit up.

Angry Mama Cleans Microwave

Hilarious and useful. Moms usually are mad when they find the microwave all dirty and left that way. Just add vinegar & water, put in the microwave and turn on for 7 minutes to help steam off all the mess! One tip from a friend is to add lemon for a fresh scent.

Furado Submersible lights – 4 pack waterproof Lights with Remote

For the friend or relative who loves to entertain and decorate.  These are affordable color changing lights (with remote control) that are waterproof. So you can simply decorate with them — colored lights on porch or in your home – or put them in the swimming pool for a unique effect or in floral vases to add light and color to your decor.

Pilipala Women’s Knit Hat With Fur Pompom

This hat is much more affordable than the ones you see sold in department stores. The inside is this super soft fleece, the hat itself is acrylic and the fur on top (snaps on and off with snap) is real fur. Friends love these — they look super cute on and are also warm.  The ones we liked in person are: Grey hat with silver fox fur pompom, Grey hat with tan raccoon fur pompom and Beige hat with tan raccoon fur pompom.

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

Cool! This is an innovative design that allows you to put your nail polish in the top and Tweezy holds it upright, so you can paint your nails. A simple design solution to make painting your nails that much easier.

Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Funny! This is just silly — my boys love this pen and think it is funny to make the different farting sounds. If they like/d Captain Underpants books, they will love this pen!

Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

We like to put gum or Tic Tacs in stockings and this Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy seems even more appropriate for the holidays!

Andytoy Slime Anti-stress Toy

This is a set of 5 eggs filled with non-toxic slime that when you put it in your hands, you don’t want to set it down. It feels cool and playing with it/kneeading it can be a stress relief.

2 Pack GearLight Flashlights

“Where are the Flashlights?” Famous last words when the power goes out. These are bright, functional flashlights — get more prepared for a storm and keep one in your bedside table.

Alba Lip Balm with SPF

Everyone gets at least one lip balm. This is a popular, natural one with SPF.

BluQ Socks

You MUST scroll through the designs. Love, LOVE these fun, quirky messages that you never thought you would see on socks.

What Do You Meme? Party Game

A fun, unique party game for ages 17 and up (not for children). Want a game that is not Cards Against Humanity?  Try this one. Where the ‘judge’ rotates with each hand and picks the best caption to match the meme photos. Due to the language this is for Adults Only!

Anker Power Bank Portable Charger

If you have been traveling and your phone dies with no closely plug or in-car charger, you will love the Anker Power Bank. Just remember to take it with you and keep it charged! I have featured this before since it is such a useful tool!

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