Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  These leggings are the best gift for gals (of any age, shape or size).  From yoga to spin class — to simply out around town, — these leggings grip so well, stay put, make your butt look great — and are just plain fun to wear!

Famous fashion models and celebrities agree. . .  K-deer leggings look and feel amazing.


Hands down, these are our favorite leggings for any type of exercise.  They feel amazing, stay put, and look great on. Just plain fun. K-Deer! We thank you for making these favorite leggings — and for making them for all sizes and shapes.  Even kids (see below).

New leggings are just the inspiration we need to work out more — and keep those New Year’s resolutions.

K-Deer Leggings – Enjoy our favorite designs below.

Click on images to learn more and purchase.  (affiliate links)

And for Kids!


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