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Cougar Winter Boots

We need to share these with you since Cougar Boots are a combination of a comfy sneaker yet with a lug sole, so they are great in the snow (most are waterproof, too). Plus, the fur makes them super soft and fashionable.

Pre-lit Birch Trees — Order Now in Time for Holiday Parties

We love these beautiful pre-lit birch trees to have up all winter long. Order now with Amazon Prime Shipping and have in a couple days.  Plenty of time for holiday parties to add to your festive decor.


Retro Polaroid Cameras — They’re Back!

Having a comeback are the classic, retro Polaroid cameras — believe it or not.  The younger kids, teens and college kids are picking these up again and enjoying instant photos!  Who knew?

+ 25% off today

25% off Today — Refined Gifts For Home That Rarely Go On Sale

These are super nice housewarming/holiday gifts for the refined, discerning adults in your life.  Trust us, these are worthy of their price tag — and now on sale (which rarely happens).

Furbo — Dog Owners, Have you seen this?

OMgosh — Furbo is the sweetest interactive treat throwing dog gadget with a video camera! Using your phone you can watch your dog, speak to him/her, and throw treats to them — all while you are not at home.  

+ Halogen Cashmere Accessories

Cashmere Scarves, Gloves & Beanies — Lovely Gift Sets

Mix and Match — We have pulled a selection of soft cashmere gifts all by Halogen Cashmere. They make wonderful gift sets; you pick color/s, which accessories work best and based on how much you want to spend.

+ Pac-Man Games

Pac-Man Desktop and Handheld Games!

Who doesn’t love Pac-Man — even the young kids today love to play ‘our childhood favorite’ video game. You can have your very own home and handheld versions.

+ Barefoot Dreams Pajamas

Pajamas and Loungewear — Luxurious and Super Soft Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams makes simply dreamy pajamas and loungewear. You won’t want to get out of these.  Add to your own holiday wish list — or splurge on a friend. 

+ WhiSki Poles -- ski poles with a built in flask inside.

What? WhiSki Poles? Yup. Ski poles that are also flasks for whiskey.

Because we want to stay warm while skiing (and have fun!), WhiSki Poles created the ski pole that also serves as a flask for whiskey. We can think of a LOT of skiers who would have fun with these poles.

+ Faux Fur Blanket

Softest Blankets — Oh My, Gotta Give (and Have)!

Check out our selection of soft blankets that make wonderful, cozy, useful gifts to snuggle up with this winter.  Whether you prefer faux fur or soft cotton in animal print, we have it covered.

+ K-deer leggings

K-deer — Favorite Leggings

Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  These leggings are the best gift for gals (of any age, shape or size).  From yoga to spin class — to simply out around town, — these leggings grip so well, stay put, make your butt look great — and are just plain fun to wear!

Know anyone who loves wine? Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener is super fun and easy to use. Perfect gift for anyone you know who loves wine. . .