Because we want to stay warm while skiing (and have fun!), WhiSki Poles created the ski pole that also serves as a flask for whiskey. We can think of a LOT of skiers who would have fun with these poles.

What an ingenious way to fill the inside of your ski pole! Turn it into a flask and it is an easy way to transport your whiskey once you get to your destination or ski lodge to warm up.

These are high quality poles made in the US by a top tier ski pole manufacturer using the strongest and lightest aluminum possible. Yet, these poles have a flask inside the pole that can hold up to 16 oz! You can also unscrew the top cap with one hand — using your glove, so essentially you could take a swig on the chair lift easily.

What a unique gift for the fun skiers you know! Enjoy — and please drink responsibly!

WhiSki Poles are high Performance SKI Pole FLASKS Holding 16 oz + Free Collapsible Funnel 

Click image below to learn more and purchase.** (affiliate link)


** We are not advocating excess drinking & skiing at the same time or drinking & driving.  Rather safe skiing and using these to stay warm Apres Ski.

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