More than 15 items starting at $5. See our selection for clever ideas that will surely fit your family members personality and interests

Don’t forget the stockings!!

We tend to fill stockings with items we know our kids/spouse/relatives will use like deodorant, perfume, electric toothbrushes/toothpaste, lip balm, gift cards to their favorite stores/restaurants and gum.

See below for some very fun, useful, valuable ideas for gals and guys of all ages.  Enjoy!

Click images to learn more and purchase. (affiliate links)

Lump of Coal — Naughty or Nice? A gift that helps the environment.

YES, you can give a gift to help reduce the CO2 footprint. This gift literally helps remove the CO2 footprint of a ton of coal. Click link below to learn more.

Lump of Coal

Sidewalk Chalk Sushi — yes this is chalk!  So clever.

Airpod Case —

Our friends who own Airpods say they can’t live without this case.

Milk Frother —

An idea is to give this with a pound of coffee

Bari Lynn Pom Hat

Luckies Men’s 3 Pair Beer Socks
LED Clip String Lights –

Display photos in your home, dorm room, apartments

Cool Power Strip & USB Power Charger
Sweater Shaver

We can’t live without ours  — works so well and quickly!

Buff Thermonet — Gator, headband and more. . .

Wicks moisture, keeps you warm, can be worn 12 ways. See more colors/styles.

Best Dad Tie Clip
Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner —

This always makes us laugh!

Silicone Bracelet Key Chain —

Easiest way to carry key/s for college kids/apartment renters

Londontown Nail Polish Set
Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker 
Hue Air Cushion No-Show Socks

Fun (!) Tea Infusers
Low Profile Wall — 4 pivot outlet and 2 USB Ports
Don’t forget the dog! Dog Bandana

10 Ft long iphone charging cord

Hilarious People of Walmart Coloring Book —

Coloring is a known stress reliever, but this one is just too much! (Who thinks this stuff up?)

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