Are we turning into our parents with this newfound love of bird watching? Maybe, but the love of bird watching is real. . . along with our quest to keep them well fed in our little backyard sanctuary. In particular, we love these Bird Feeders that fit (using secure suction cups) on the window — for a closer view of our bird friends, while keeping squirrels away, at the same time.

Click on the images below to purchase and learn more (affiliate links)

During isolation, we all started slowing down a bit and in our house we started watching the birds. For some reason the birds gave us more enjoyment than before and we had more conversations about the birds (and subsequent squirrels. . . ) and got a ton of enjoyment out of them. I honestly think they also serve as a stress reducer as we became even bigger observers than at any other time in our lives. More time watching meant more time buying birdseed (we found messless seed — how cool is that?) and new feeders and ways to keep the birds happy in our backyard.

We prefer this ‘messless’ bird feed. It is easier for the birds to eat and doesn’t create a mess of shells/seeds below the bird feeder which helps keep the squirrels away.

See below for photos of our bird feeder at our home. We have to give credit to our cousin, Douglas, for initially introducing us to this unique bird feeder with this video of his feeder being watched over by his cat Monty.

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