Ello silicone colored stemless wine glasses have countless features to enjoy outdoors while entertaining. We found these initially while staying at a summer rental and quickly fell in love (!) — and now we give them as hostess gifts.

At first glance these look like a trendy wine glass. But after using them, you quickly learn the benefits.

First of all, most people prefer to use glass when serving a beverage (especially wine), so these are real glass with the protective silicone sleeve to make them highly useful and protected when serving/drinking outdoors. Because of the silicone sleeve, the glasses feel less fragile than simply glass. Plus, the silicone acts both like a gripper and a coaster! The different colors (we soon bought 8 to have since we often have 4 couples over) are beyond helpful marking each person’s glass. How many times do you walk around at an outdoor gathering and set down your glass, only to return and wonder ‘which glass is mine?’ — these silicon covers are better than those little charms on glass stems that get lost and are not as obvious! And finally (and this is a big one for me) they go in the dishwasher!! — For the win!!

Click on image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate link).

Also check out Ello’s functional water bottles and food storage containers.

Yes. Please!

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