Where were these when our kids were babies/toddlers?! Easy to use, fast digital infrared thermometers give peace of mind and now they are more affordable, making them the perfect gift.

Now with infrared, touchless thermometers, it is so much easier to take temperatures to determine if someone has a fever or not. With this thermometer, you don’t touch the skin — and in silent mode, you can take a temperature even while the person/child is sleeping! Couldn’t be easier and gives more peace of mind to parents. When someone feels sick, parents can get nervous enough. Just thinking about the old way of getting temperatures with young kids and babies is stressful.

Give parents peace of mind

So easy to use, quick results and now at under $30, it is a no-brainer to have one in your own home or to give one as a gift.

This thermometer has a color coded screen, turning green if body temperature is normal, yellow for mild fever and red for high fever. Plus, it will store up to 99 temperatures in the memory, so you can look back over time and easily see if a temperature is rising or improving.

This one has some great extra features making it even more useful than when a family member is sick. This thermometer has a mode to detect temperatures of objects. For example, you could use this to check the temperature of baby’s bathwater, or food that you have warmed up for a baby/toddler; it will even tell you the temperature in a room.

Click on image below to learn more and purchase (Affiliate link)

No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer,Accurate Digital Touchless Thermometer

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