These action figures and holiday ornaments of our favorite icons are a treasure. Thoughtful gifts to give to someone who admires any of these famous people.

A figure or an ornament is a nice, small way to commemorate one of your favorite icons (living or dead)! Check out the detail on some of these — super fun. We are NOT encouraging clutter or knick-knacks around the home, but sometimes it is nice to hold a piece of history to remind you of an icon and/or inspiring person. If you know a friend or family member admires one of these famous people, this may be a fun, thoughtful gift.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — A classic way to remember a remarkable, courageous woman. Click on her image to learn more.

Click on Bernie Sanders to see a selection of today’s political figures. — Choose from several including: Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Billie Jean King, Kamala, Biden, Trump and more.

Ornaments of Favorite Icons — Click on each image to learn more.

Bob Ross


KISS Gene Simmons

RBG Ornament with crown

Mr. Rogers

Anna Wintour

Freddie Mercury

Willie Nelson

Amy Winehouse

Mariah Carey

Grateful Dead Bus

Growing up in the 80s with Mixed Tapes. . . .

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