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Let there be light on your beer can?

This is a Koozie with a light — how cool is that? Keep you drink cool and keep an eye on your drink at night. Everyone will know where you are — clever, fun and useful. Great gift for someone you know who drinks soda or beer from the can or bottle.

+ Taking off bottle cap with wall mounted Dropcatch.

DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Guys, Guys, Guys! Gifts for the men in your life.

We prefer to give guys experience gifts like: tickets to a favorite sports game, concert tickets, or even lift tickets and hotel for a long weekend at a ski resort. Those gifts make memories and are fun to give! To fill in under the tree and when you just need something to wrap, get him what he really wants/will use.