When we first saw and used a DropCatch, we knew it would be a hit for all the beer drinking men (and women) in our lives.  Not only is it easy to use and functional as a bottle opener, we love how the magnet holds all the bottle caps.  (no more bottle caps flying across the floor — no more mess).  

This is an oldie, but a goodie at an excellent price point, too. Consistently a fresh, appropriate gift for beer drinkers (of course!) and — guys with new apartments, holiday gift for friends who are hard to buy for, someone who has a man cave. . . The DropCatch is attractive, simple to use, and also super easy to hang on the wall.

Perfect gift for the guy who has everything. . .  and loves beer.  A conversation piece too.  This gift continues to delight and put smiles on the beer drinkers in your life.

Click image below to learn more and buy the Pilsner DropCatch (affiliate links)


Click image below to learn more and buy the Porter DropCatch

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