I know — don’t laugh.  Socks.  But, these will change your life and turn you into a “One-brand-preferred-sock-buyer!”

I used to not think a lot about socks and in the fall/winter time would purchase another well-known wool sock brand. But. . . . I had to buy new socks year after year, since I can guarantee that after one year, the heel started to thin and soon there will be a hole.

During a search for more cycling socks, I came across Darn Tough and bought a pair — initially since they were on sale.  Well … .  I fell in love.  And based on my love for the cycling socks, I went back online and bought more for my every day use, then for hiking and then, again, for skiing.

Trust me. . . .these socks changed my life and I won’t go back to another brand.  The Darn Tough socks simply fit very well.  There is no slippage and they are not too tight.  They fit perfectly and snugly.  Most of their socks are made from merino wool which is excellent for keeping your feet warm, dry — and helping with odor control.  And guess what?  They are guaranteed for life.  What?  No way?  Yes way.  Now that is compelling.

Well made to take the abuse from wearing them every day.

The more I learned about Darn Tough, the more I LOVED them.  I learned that the company is based in VT and that their socks are made in the US — in fact, in Vermont!!!  This was beyond exciting for me, since I love VT.  The Green Mountains and natural beauty of VT just takes your breath away.  Plus, the people who live in VT are hard working, honest people who genuinely care about you.  (I also met my husband in Warren VT, so VT is extra special to me!) Watch This Video

I love the colorful stripes and fun designs, too.  Darn Tough is a tough brand that you will also find as a good value.  They feel so great on, they are affordable — and they will last much longer than any other brand of sock you own.  And made here in VT — God’s Country.  A lot of special attributes about what many people don’t think much about.  Try Darn Tough socks and you, too, will talking a lot more about socks than you did before!

Find Darn Tough Socks Heredarntough2darntough

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