Being a skier I was first attracted to SmartWool for their Apres Ski clothing and long underwear pieces that are made from wool — but not the scratchy wool, rather the high quality, sweat-wicking ‘smart’ wool that breathes with you and looks great after washings.  I’m always impressed that the SmartWool line is soft, too.

These SmartWool pieces definitely straddle my every day life, work wear and ski wear.  So, they get a ton of use in my closet and I love the colors/designs and how great they look.  These sweaters/tops/skirts may be a bit pricier than what you tend to spend, but it is worth it, due to the high quality and – trust me — these are the pieces you will grab and wear the most!

So often, I get many compliments on SmartWool sweaters and tops — and when I tell people it is a SmartWool sweater they tend to be surprised at first.  The designs fit well and look great.  Again, this season SmartWool has made it hard for me to decide which sweater to get. . . .  so I may need to get more than one.

The sweaters also makes the perfect gift for a good friend, sister, mom — anyone who will appreciate the quality, surprisingly softness and cool, hip designs.

Here are my favorites:

(PS.  I’m sending you to which is one of my favorite websites — they have a large selection, excellent customer service and the best sales.)




Find Here:  Dakono Funnel Neck Sweater


Find Here:  SmartWool Avion Ridge Pattern Wrap


Find Here:SmartWool Midweight Pattern Zip Top

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