My favorite Valentine’s Gifts are thoughtful, personal gifts that show you were thinking of your loved ones. Best Valentine’s gifts would include ‘experience gifts’ to do together in the future: concert tickets to her favorite band, hotel getaway to his favorite beach or ski resort (just the 2 of you), tickets to a movie or hard-to-get sports event. Most importantly, everyone loves a thoughtful surprise — doesn’t have to be big, but something to show you care.  Trust me — this does NOT include grocery store flowers.

There is still time to get some of these gifts for gals, too. Or look for yourself and treat yourself!

Diptyque Roses Centifolia Scented Votive Candle

Thoughtful and beautiful roses scent. Pair this with some real roses!

Click on Images to Order Now (affiliate links)

UGG Women’s W Cozy Over The Knee Sock

It is cold where we are and if your gal loves tall boots and wants to stay even more warm and cozy, these socks are soft, warm and stylish.

Converse Chuck Taylor® Hidden Heart Low Top Sneaker

Another fashionable item that will surely surprise and delight — and can be worn all year, not just on Valentine’s Day. These are fun.

x Converse Chuck Taylor<sup>®</sup> Hidden Heart Low Top Sneaker, Alternate, color, BEIGE

Kate Spade Love Bird Scarf

When I was dating my husband, his relatives called us the Love Birds and I even remember a song was made up (but can’t remember the words). This scarf is so sweet and would be a thoughtful gift for your Love Bird. You don’t realize the exact design until you get up close and everyone gets so happy once they figure out the design is love birds!

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Crossbody Bag

Every gal needs a smart looking crossbody bag — this one is fabulous (not too big), love the details and in any color!

Happy Socks

One more pair of socks — this pair is pure fun, affordable and happy.

And of course, the splurge gift. . . .

Bony Levy Pave Initial Necklace

Can’t go wrong with diamonds and gold. . . .

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