We have been using our Soggy Doggy towels often with all the recent rain. Hands down this is THE product we use most with our dog.  We have one by each house entry door and we also have one in the car.


Soggy Doggy makes “shammy” towels and mats that help dry off your dog’s paws and body when they come in from the outside.   When using their Shammy Towel, you simply slip your hands into each side of the towel pockets and it is easy to dry off your dog and their paws.  We also have the mat by the back door and have trained our dog to go sit on it right after she walks in to help dry her off.

The material of the Soggy Doggy products is soft and wicks away moisture (plus it doesn’t smell)!  These are so much better than towels that hold onto water and stink — and when you need to, you can simply put these towels and mats right into the washing machine and dryer (on low).

Best new puppy or dog owner gift!  These are invaluable to anyone with a pet that goes outside. . . .  all pet owners!!  The fall rainy season is here where we live and throughout the winter, too, we use our Soggy Doggy towels most days which also helps keep the home a little cleaner.

Click image below to buy the Super Shammy (affiliate links):

Click image below to buy the Doormat:




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