My son gave me a weighted blanket for the holidays. Turns out it was the best thing I never knew I really needed. . . .

One of the most thoughtful and useful gift that I got this year came from my son, Peter. (photographed here from this summer) Sure, I had heard of weighted blankets before, but had never tried one myself. Peter got the idea from the many college girls he knows who had them and swore by them.  Now I know why.

Peter Chandor


So, this is a heavy blanket that I use on top of my covers and duvet. It is heavy and just wraps you up in comfort. The benefit for me is that I sleep much more soundly — in fact the first night I used it I didn’t wake up once — I don’t even think I moved and I felt like I had gotten the best night’s sleep.

Honestly, going through pre-menopause, plus having teenager/college age kids means that I don’t sleep well most nights! But this weighted blanket has made all the difference.  How does it work?  It just wraps you up (almost like swaddling) and the weight feels like a warm hug — it is just so comforting. I love that I don’t have to use a pill, but rather a blanket to help me sleep better.

Here is the blanket that Peter got me. Note that there are different weights. I watched a video that said you should select the weight based on 10% of your body weight.  Excellent tip.

YNM Weighted Blanket

Click image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate links)

Then I was on one of my favorite blogs on Facebook, Grown and Flown, where there was a discussion on listing some of your favorite things.  Moms were listing favorite books, podcasts, products.  I mentioned the Weighted Blanket.  Well. . . another mom shared the one she has and loves. Thanks Jessica.  And Thanks Grown and Flown for creating such a wonderful resource and community.

Room Essentials Sherpa Weighted Blanket

Click link below to learn more and purchase

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