Tired of boring winter hats? Look a bit more stylish and stay warm in the winter with Skida. The only challenge you will have is picking the design you love the most.

If you know me, you know I have countless Skida hats, head bands and neck warmers to keep me warm and stylish. I have just collected them over the years, being attracted to new designs with each winter season. We walk our dog outdoors and ski, so we wear hats most days.

Corinne Prevot started this business back in 2008.  She wanted fun winter hats for herself and her cross-country ski teammates at Burke Mountain Academy. What started out as a fun hobby for family and friends, quickly turned into a business.  ** And, very dear to my heart, everything is made in Vermont.  Now all these years later, Skida continues to launch compelling colors and fresh new designs — and they have styles for children new products and added a cashmere line as well.

For hats, keep in mind that Alpine Hats are the insulated, fleece lined hats and the Nordic Hats  are a thinner, unlined wicking hat with no fleece (great for exercising/will wick sweat).

Here are some of our favorites:

 Alpine Hats (fleece lined)

Click images below to learn more, see more designs and purchase (affiliate links)

Men’s Alpine Hat:

Fleece Lined NeckWarmer:

Fleece Headband:

Click Here to see Skida’s website directly.

Thanks Corinne — we have been loving your winter accessories for many years and want to help spread the good word.


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