Once you have found a place to hide The Elf, then it is time for Shiraz On The Shelf. Busy Moms during the holidays may enjoy this funny gift to create their own Christmas Wine Tradition.

We are still laughing about this funny gift idea — you may know several moms who could use this for a laugh and to start their own new Christmas Wine Tradition with Shiraz On The Shelf.

This set includes a very funny story book with a branded wine glass for all those moms out there who stress over hiding the elf. . . and all the other details of the holidays. Very funny and the clever idea from Dena Blizzard who has her own show and product line through www.onefunnymotherstore.com Please follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We have the feeling you will love what she has to say and will laugh along with her.

Please check out Shiraz On The Shelf for all your friends in need of a good laugh and some quiet time at the end of the day. . . . when they remember to hide the Elf!

Click on image below to learn more and purchase (affiliate link)

And see below for Dena Blizzard’s video on Shiraz on The Shelf

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