If you have considered a frame TV by Samsung, we highly recommend it. A wonderful family gift — a fabulous smart TV that looks like a framed piece of art when not in use.

How cool is that? A smart TV by Samsung that looks like a framed piece of art when not in use! Our Frame TV is well liked and enjoyed by all of our family members. — And me, I love that we can change out the art work, no cords to be seen and it is a piece of art on the wall, rather than a large black screen when not in use.

Just this fall we finally upgraded to a smart TV and we selected the Samsung’s The Frame Smart TV. We love that when it is not in use, it blends into our home decor and looks like a beautiful framed piece of art. Plus, you can select the art that is displayed (pick from your own photographs, a design you purchase online or you can subscribe to their subscription of countless artwork that you can change up as you like.). The Frame Smart TV technology works like any other smart TV giving you access to your cable provider and/or online subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can also select the color of the frame around the Frame TV to go with your decor.

Keep in mind, we are not that tech savvy, so for a more in depth technical spec review, please go to cnet.com. And one tip for sports fans, we do have to keep our Comcast cable plan for all the boys to keep the Red Zone Football channel.

We hired an electrician to help us fully install and mount the TV. The Frame TV sits flush against the wall (can not be tilted btw), because it usually requires drilling a hole behind the frame screen for the wire to go from the back of the frame to down below to the box unit that is the ‘brains’ of the TV. The remote runs on radio frequency, so that box doesn’t have to be visible to use the remote — how nice! You can connect the Frame TV to other speakers, sound bars, etc., as well to create the visual/audio theater that you desire. If you are not that tech savvy you, too, may want to have the help of an electrician, but we have several friends who mounted and installed their Frame TV on their own! (We are still impressed.)

Samsung Frame TV — Be sure to measure to ensure proper size for your space and select your frame color.

Click on image below to learn more and purchase. (Affiliate link)

Bottom line, we love it — what a great addition to our home — finally upgrading us to all the advantages of a smart tv, yet looks like art. The next TV we buy will definitely be another Samsung Frame TV.

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