More time at home and more family time for us, means more games. Here are our favorites — some new ones and some classics that never seem to get old.

See below for our selection of fun games. Click on the image to learn more and purchase (affiliate links)

Jeff Foxworthy’s Relative Insanity

Yup — Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian famous for “You might be a redneck if. . . ,” developed his own card game for ages 14+ and it is loads of fun and guaranteed laughter as you all try and pick the best punchline. 

Rummy Game Set with Carry Case — Travel Friendly

If you and your family love to play card games, you will love Rummy — this is a nice version of Rummikub. Both great, but we love the self enclosed carry case — perfect to store everything and for travel (in the future). What I love about this game is that everyone playing has the chance to win, rather than only the biggest ‘card shark who counts cards’ (at least in our family) For 2 – 4 players. Ages 7+

Rummikub Large Numbers Tile Game with Large Numbers (same as above, but without the leather carry case and less expensive) Ages 7+

I Should Have Known That Trivia Game

This game was fun and truly tested our knowledge on many current and historical facts and details. Everything from sports, to books, to celebrities to history to politics — to more! We enjoyed this game and we all learned something along the way. Interesting — our teenage children noted that you may not enjoy playing with people who are really competitive. In other words. . .don’t play this with people who think they are smarter than everyone else!! Close family and friends who will laugh and keep it light!

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

For fun, clever physical challenges to get the whole family moving – and doing things you probably didn’t think you would be doing today when you woke up. Check out Beat That! Discover family talents you never knew could be accomplished! Hours of fun for ages 8+

Azul Board Game

With over 5,000 (!) 5 star reviews on Amazon alone, Azul is wrapped and under our tree to test out. Can’t wait to play this — and let us know what you think if you have played Azul. Ages 8+

Yup — Classic Clue.

Have you played Clue recently? We played this a TON when our boys were growing up. Found it in the back corner of our game shelves and brought it out. Still fun for all of us! We think the game of Clue takes on new strategies as adults!! Man, it is challenging (for me). Ages 8+


This is a 2 player game that is unlike most games you play, since each player picks the piece for their opponent! A twist on games that really makes you think. Plus, it is made out of gorgeous wood pieces. This is a wonderful game that will get years of playing fun — bring out and teach your friends how to play. Ages 8+

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