Cool, Hip Soft Slippers

Don’t wait to get these for Christmas gifts, since these are hot (!) and will most likely sell out in popular sizes/colors.

These new slippers by Emu are just yummy and fun — you haven’t seen anything like this. . . .  at this price, too!  I love these for the teenager, college student, girl friend, mom, aunt in your life.  Perfect gift — just what they didn’t know they wanted — yep, one of those!  (Don’t forget to get them in your size, too)  Who doesn’t need a new pair of slippers each year? Continue reading “Cool, Hip Soft Slippers”


Darn Tough Socks

I know — don’t laugh.  Socks.  But, these will change your life and turn you into a “One-brand-preferred-sock-buyer!”

I used to not think a lot about socks and in the fall/winter time would purchase another well-known wool sock brand. But. . . . I had to buy new socks year after year, since I can guarantee that after one year, the heel started to thin and soon there will be a hole. Continue reading “Darn Tough Socks”


DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)

When I first saw and used a DropCatch, I knew it would be a hit for all the beer drinking men (and women) in my life.  Not only is it easy to use and functional — as a bottle opener, I love how the magnet holds all the bottle caps.  (no more bottle caps flying across the floor — no more mess).    Continue reading “DropCatch — Gift for Guys & Gals (21+)”