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Winter Sweaters and Tops – SmartWool

Being a skier I was first attracted to SmartWool for their Apres Ski clothing and long underwear pieces that are made from wool — but not the scratchy wool, rather the high quality, sweat-wicking ‘smart’ wool that breathes with you and looks great after washings.  I’m always impressed that the SmartWool line is soft, too.


Darn Tough Socks

I know — don’t laugh.  Socks.  But, these will change your life and turn you into a “One-brand-preferred-sock-buyer!” I used to not think a lot about socks and in the fall/winter time would purchase another well-known wool sock brand. But. . . . I had to buy new socks year after year, since I can guarantee that after one year, the heel started to … Read More Darn Tough Socks