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Splurge Cool Gift – Stellé Audio Pillar

This is the coolest, sleekest, best sounding speaker we have experienced.  What a hip gift for the discerning person who wants a very attractive decor accessory — that doesn’t look anything like a traditional speaker.   


U-turn Audio Turntable

I have this really hip friend who introduced me to the U-Turn Audio Turntables. Record players are making a comeback.  I still remember the skips on some of my favorite albums:  Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Steve Miller Band, The Police. . . .  and more!


Darn Tough Socks

I know — don’t laugh.  Socks.  But, these will change your life and turn you into a “One-brand-preferred-sock-buyer!” I used to not think a lot about socks and in the fall/winter time would purchase another well-known wool sock brand. But. . . . I had to buy new socks year after year, since I can guarantee that after one year, the heel started to … Read More Darn Tough Socks