It was snowing earlier today and as I raced around to find some mittens I thought of these amazing mittens. Astis Mittens are super warm and hand made based on a pair that came originally from a Native American Indian. These mittens will last for years and we just love their story!

See below for Brad Peterson’s story on how they started making Astis mittens.  To think it all started from a trade of a Swiss Army knife for a pair of some of the warmest, driest mittens around. Brad put these to the test from 15 years of skiing and cold winters. Astis mittens are super warm, well made (hand made in the US), — and cool looking (details include fur and beading like no other mittens we have seen). An investment, but trust us, you will keep your hands are warm and dry, while getting compliments on these unique mittens.

Video here:

See below for some of our favorite designs.

Click on images below to learn more and purchase (Affiliate links)

Astis Hanno Mitten

 Astis Peary Mittens

Astis Caillie Mitten

Astis Dias Mitten

Astis Sacagawea Mitten

Astis Zirkel Mitten

Astis Villa Mittens

Astis Vespucci Mittens

Astis Pike Mittens

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