Getting Cabin Fever? How about spending some time coloring? Yes — when was the last time you colored? Or challenged yourself with a puzzle.

Take a peak at our clever ideas for cabin fever and reducing stress. Now they make coloring books for adults. Go. . . have fun and concentrate on some creative art time — we bet you haven’t done this since grade school.  OR take a look at these fun puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles exercise the left and right sides of your brain at once and are known to help improve your short-term memory. Do one by yourself or as a family. You all may get addicted to both puzzles and coloring books.

See our selection below.

Click on images to learn more and purchase.  (affiliate links)

Coloring Books

Stress Relieving Animal Designs Coloring Book
People of Walmart Coloring Book — Yes — this is real!
Coloring Songbook – Lyrics of John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Secret Garden — This one is a Treasure Hunt Coloring Book
Don’t forget the fine tip markers!


I am Lil Sloth Puzzle
Star Wars The Mandalorian Puzzle
I am Wolf Puzzle
Gradient Puzzle
Dreaming of Summer Puzzle
The 80’s Puzzle
Skiing Patches Puzzle (of course a skiing puzzle)



Disney Puzzle (This one uses plastic rather than cardboard. The pieces click together with a satisfying sound!)

Nickelodeon Puzzle
3D Puzzle St.Paul’s Cathedral – For the ultimate challenge!


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