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This summer I bet you are not thinking about long underwear.

Girlfriends:  Summer is the best time to upgrade and clean out your long underwear It is a pretty safe bet that if you take a closer look at your long underwear in the summer sunlight, you will see that you need to do some purging and why not purchase some new items now on sale?  


Gifts for Teens & College-Age Kids

Some of my all-time favorite gifts for teens and college-age kids would have to be surprise concert tickets for a band they love, a family vacation, or an activity they would love (like zip-lining or snow skiing or hiking, etc). You could even wrap up the trail map or brochure for the activity.  ‘Experience gifts’ can be the best to give and the most … Read More Gifts for Teens & College-Age Kids


Jewelry Snug – Gift for Traveler

The Jewelry Snug is the ideal product to help keep jewelry organized, neat and keep items from tangling.  This set comes with earring/ring compartments that screw together.  They are clear so you can see what is inside them (they come with foam to keep items secure and from clanking around inside).  My favorite part of this set are the clear sleeves.  The way these … Read More Jewelry Snug – Gift for Traveler

Gronkball – Football and Bluetooth Speaker

This is a hot holiday gift specifically for teenage and college aged kids who love football. You don’t have to be from New England to love the fun-loving, happy Rob Gronkowski (who just happens to be an excellent football player for the Patriots).   Where Gronk goes, fun and adventure follow.  This is the guy who wore a Minions hat, chugging beers on a Duck … Read More Gronkball – Football and Bluetooth Speaker


The Gift of Time – Game Night

The most treasured memories with my family have to be game night.  We were blessed to spend several winters skiing as a family and how convenient that the WIFI/cell coverage wasn’t that great where we stayed!  So, apres ski time meant competitive games which brought us all together.